Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where I Have Been

Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog, State of Greyce. If you followed my blog before, you probably have realized much has changed. For starters, the design of my blog has transformed majorly (make sure to be viewing in desktop mode if you are on a phone). I was unhappy with the look of my last blog and wanted to give it a cleaner and more professional aesthetic appearance. Secondly, I was dissatisfied with the content I was posting and the frequency of my posts. Starting fall semester of school definitely consumed my time and honestly I did not have any motivation to blog at the moment in my life. With that being said, I feel like I am better prepared to have a go again and bring to you even better content! Follow me as I post about outfits, makeup, music, traveling, and life!

Life Lately

The other day I went to my best friend's baby cousin's baptism. It was so beautiful and I wore this green dress from Reddress Boutique.
I have always said I would not buy Jacks but I came across some brown and gold ones and I figured they would be perfect for fall since it is still so dang hot. 
 I was exploring the other day and came across this cute, little restaurant and stopped to have a coffee. I will for sure be posting a city guide in the future that includes this little shop. 
I am currently in Dallas, one of my favorite cities. I am pretty sure I have a sickness where I cannot stop wandering because I have been having travel fever for a while now!
My plane ride essentials included coffee and the Us Weekly magazine. Can you guess why? Lauren Conrad is my idol and her wedding spread was gorgeous. It makes me want to start planning my nonexistent wedding. Really though, go get this issue if you have not.
How gorgeous was this view as I flew into Dallas on Friday night?!

I have so many ideas planned for some posts, so I am hoping I will be able to fit them all in. Life has been a roller coaster lately and I am praying things will settle within the next week. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

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