Sunday, September 28, 2014

The September Issue

Mondays suck, right? Well I am going to make your Monday much better by giving you a little pick me up and motivation.

1. There is nothing I love more than being inspired to be a better person. Nobody makes me more inspired than Anna Wintour. This lady is such a fierce, hard-working woman who I admire so much. I have literally watched this video 9320841 billion times. Seriously, go watch it and your day will brighten up immediately. 

2. So I ordered three dresses from about a week ago for under $60. Now if you ask me, that is seriously such a great deal. My only complaint is that it ships from China so it is taking a long time to arrive. I suggest you guys check it out and take advantage of their super, inexpensive prices! They really do have some great, affordable pieces for autumn and winter, plus I have heard great reviews!

3. Often times in the fall, life can get pretty stressful. Between social events on weekend and school work during the week, your body can become burdened pretty easily. Wanna know my fix? Jesus. Sometimes you need to find a quiet, little escape such as a coffee shop or a place by the river and just go sit and enjoy God's word. Any free time you get within the next couple weeks, I recommend finding 
that personal place to relax with God. 

4. Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Lauren Conrad? Oh because by the way, I totally am. She was recently wed to William Tell and her wedding spread was released in Us Weekly. Look how perfect they are!

Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!
Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is those who take refuge in him. 
Psalms 34:8

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