Sunday, January 25, 2015

announcement + update

Except probably not in the way you think I mean... let's just say State of Greyce will be receiving a makeover as well as its own domain name. This means that my web address will no longer be but instead it will be I am giving you guys a heads up before you think I have stopped blogging on this site. As soon as the website is launched, I will post an announcement and let you guys know. For now, I am planning to launch the new website on February 1. 

I am so excited to finally announce this because I have big plans for my new site including (hopefully) posts every single day. My posts will range from fashion to beauty to travel and I am looking to include some video content such as hair and makeup tutorials. Look out for upcoming content! 

Okay now a little update.. This week has been CHAOS. I really wish I could explain everything but things have been so busy lately and I am anticipating for my life to only get crazier in the next few months as I approach graduation in May (ya, still don't know what college I am going to so that's great). I was looking at my calendar the other day and I seriously have no free weekends until the end of February... But hey, I am not complaining because I enjoy keeping busy!

I swear every month there is always an event I look forward to. January/February is the time for award shows!!! aka my guilty pleasure. Currently, I have been trying to watch all the Oscar movie nominations so when the Oscars come around I can justify whether the winning movies deserve their awards or not... I am putting all my votes in for American Sniper, Wild, and The Grand Budapest Hotel. Stop your life and go watch those NOW. 

I recently dyed my hair to where I have dark brown roots and blonde at the end kinda like ombre. I enjoy the change however I wished the blonde in my hair was a little lighter. I have also been bad at recording my outfits so I am hoping to just have like a stockpile day soon so I can post more often. Here are some outfits I have been wearing recently though.

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